A new friend, Lenovo Thinkpad W550s


After losing a friend in December, I finally gained a new  a Thinkpad W550S, after an emotional roller coaster (not getting the Laptop I ordered), and months of waiting I have it in my hands.

The rest is normal! I can report that Fedora is running like a dream, and that I did have issues with the Nvidia card.

This rescued me Bumblebee Howto on the Fedora Wiki

send me a Tweet at @kmf if you have questions about the Laptop.

Disclaimer: I don’t use Windows, it’s not even on it. So I can’t answer any questions about it. Sorry.

Fedora 21


Loving it. Really.

GNOME 3.14, makes me happy!

Screenshot from 2015-01-07 22:26:05

Disclaimer: this is a Colleague’s Laptop that I’m borrowing … until my new one comes.

What the Raspberry Pi really means


After it’s introduction in 2012, you can’t deny the impact that this little computer has had on the world, everyone I have talked to about it, wants one and has a an ideal application for it.



So what does the Raspberry Pi mean?

Small, affordable, open hardware matters.